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Why eat Lamb?

Lamb is one of the healthiest meats, for several reasons: 

Important source of Vitamin B. Studies indicate that up to 35% of the global population suffers from Vitamin B deficiencies. Just 80 grams of lamb provides half of the vitamin B required daily! 

Abundance of protein. Proteins are essential to maintain, repair and grow muscle mass. As seen in the graph, a portion of 180 grams contains almost 50 grams of protein. 

Strengthening of the immune system. Zinc is indispensable to boost our immune system and promote growth of children. A 180g serving provides 8.8mg of zinc… 60% of the zinc required daily!

Source of iron. Lamb contains more iron than beef, fish, or chicken, and is one of the most highly recommended foods for those who suffer anaemia or iron deficiencies. 

Provision of Omega 3 acids:  These  acids maintain the heart healthy and help to protect against cardiovascular problems. Lamb  is one of the meats with the highest concentration of Omega 3. 

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