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How are Pasture Fresh® Animals Slaughtered?

Today's chefs and consumers are increasingly on the lookout for tender, naturally flavoured meat products, raised and fed in natural way, and free of animal suffering.

All Pasture Fresh® animals are raised with meticulous care, guaranteeing a happy and stress-free lifestyle and protecting the natural flavour and tenderness of the meat.

At the time of slaughter, our priority is that the animal is stress-free and that the process does not cause any suffering to it.

Once the animal has reached the processing plant, it is transported to the slaughter house. Firstly, the animal is electronically stunned with a light reversible stunning, which renders it immediately unconscious. This ensures it is incapable of feeling pain, guaranteeing a suffering-free slaughter.

Halal slaughter only occurs once the animal is unconscious, which is when the throat is cut open, severing the carotid arteries, jugular vein, and trachea.

All Pasture Fresh® lamb and beef are Halal certified.

Chefs and consumers are looking for sustainable, naturally-raised products, from animals allowed to lead happy, stress-free lives. Pasture Fresh® is the consumer's guarantee of 100% grass-fed lamb and beef, meticulously raised and slaughtered humanely.

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