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The Healthiest Red Meat

Pasture Fresh® Venison is extraordinarily healthy given its organic upbringing.

The Venison Pasture Fresh® process:

  • Have very little fat (around 1-3% of the meat mass), with less saturated fats than common meats.

  • Produce tender and delicately succulent meat, the product of a clean and natural environment. Pasture Fresh® farms have extensive open pastures, large amounts of rain, and good soil, making them ideal for venison farming.

  • Are never housed or put in feedlots but on the contrary kept outside, regulated by government associations.

  • Are never fed grain-based diets but rather grass and hay.

  • Contain a far higher iron content as compared with other meats, especially HEMO iron.

  • Are entirely free of BSE, foot-and-mouth and other diseases due to geographical distance from other countries and effective border control.

  • Are a great source of zinc to strengthen defenses. Just 100 g of Pasture Fresh® venison provides 35% of the zinc required daily. Deer is the second most recommended food to increase the zinc consumed.

  • Are packed with B vitamins, containing vitamins B12 and B16 in abundance, essential for giving us energy, avoiding depression and facilitating the digestion of food. Pasture Fresh® Venison has more vitamin B than conventionally-raised beef.

  • Provide linoleic acid, extremely necessary for the development of cell membranes, which allow the proper functioning of our body.

The graph below illustrates the outstanding health benefits of Pasture Fresh® Venison as compared to other more common meats.

Pasture Fresh® Venison leg medallion

Pork loin steak - trimmed

Beef scotch fillet - trimmed

Lamb loin chop - trimmed

Skinless chicken breast

Protein (g)

Total Fat (g)

Iron (g)

Zinc (g)

Saturated Fat (g)

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