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What Grade is Pasture Fresh® Lamb?

1. Pasture Fresh® lamb is the grade-A of New Zealand lamb, based on 7 Grading Standards. All our lambs are slaughtered at an age of 12 months or less. Once the animal has reached 12 months, its permanent incisor teeth appear, disqualifying it for the brand. The Pasture Fresh® guarantee is young, tender, juicy meat every time, avoiding the strong smell, gamey taste and dark colour of older ovine meat.

2. Pasture Fresh® lamb is 100% grass-fed, a natural diet which never includes grain feeding or nutritional supplements. Our lamb is classified based on a cut between the twelfth and thirteenth ribs. The fat cap over the eye of the ribs is measured - the fat cap also being present over the loin and the rump. Specific Pasture Fresh® lamb cuts are obtained from carcasses with a fat cap between 7 mm and 15 mm, and of a total weight of between 13.5 kg and 21 kg.

3. The grading by size and weight guarantees the highest quality lamb in the market, being under 12 months old, 100% grass fed, free of growth hormones and antibiotics, and raised free range, as well as classified by inspection of the rib fat cap. Our lamb is 100% Halal certified, guaranteeing a pain-free slaughter (for more information on our slaughter process, click here). Our meticulous attention to the sustainable raising of the animal, from its birth to its slaughter, to the processing, packaging and sending of meat products, guarantees the best grass-fed meats in the market.

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