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Why choose 100% grass fed beef?

Pasture Fresh’s® unique 100% grass fed beef is truly set apart from other types of beef due to 3 key factors:

1. The Grass Fed Difference

Pasture Fresh's® 100% grass fed policy distinguishes its meats from most others in the world. Whilst cattle production worldwide relies on grain feeding, once weaned, Pasture Fresh® beef graze entirely on natural pastures, forage, and pasture cropping such as clover and ryegrass. No grain is ever used in the diet of our beef cattle. Grass feeding is possible all year around, with average rainfall of between 600 and 1600 mm annually.

Grass fed beef: Healthier, great tasting choice.

Grass fed meat has significant health benefits as compared to grain fed fed meats:

A Its higher levels of Omega 3 oils (up to 5 times that of grain fed beef) protect from cardiovascular problems and maintain the heart in good order.

B It also has significantly lower levels of saturated fats, reducing risk of heart diseases.

C A higher content of antioxidants also prevent cell damage which can lead to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Our 100% Grass Fed Angus/Hereford Beef

...has an average MBS of 2 to 3, being equivalent to Choice Plus on the USDA scale. Given Pasture Fresh® beef is entirely grass fed, this marbling grade is exceptional and a much healthier option for consumers.

2. Completely Antibiotic and Hormone Free

Pasture Fresh® cattle production operates on a strict no-antibiotics, no-hormones basis. None of these or any other substances which promote animal growth are used on our prime beef herds. Such is the farmer’s commitment to this endeavour that should any animal become sick enough to need antibiotic treatment, it is separated from the flock, treated, and kept apart for 14 days or until the antibiotic has been purged naturally.

No Artificial Ingredients

No Antibiotics

No Growth Promoters

GMO Free

No Added Hormones

Humane Treatment

100% Grass Fed Diet

No Grain Feeding

3. Totally Free Range

No Pasture Fresh® cattle are kept in feedlots with restricted mobility. Ever.

Pasture Fresh® beef cattle lead happy, healthy lives. They are entirely free range, and never housed in barns, enjoying the ultimate animal welfare experience. The herds rove the hills freely and are free to choose their own location, breathing in clean, pure air (ranked 7th in the world with a 99/100 score*) all their lives.

Free range is our method of farming over against feedlots. This ensure that the most sustainable, naturally-grown and healthy beef makes its way to the plate of our customers.

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