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Why Does Free Range Matter?

On every Pasture Fresh® farm, animals are free range throughout their whole lives. At no point, during any season of the year, are the animals placed in feedlots or any kind of confinement. The temperate climate on our farms allows the animals to be outside all year round, freely roaming the lush green grasses of the open fields.

Some say that the free-range lifestyle causes the meat to harden and lose its tenderness. But in reality, the opposite is true. In their natural habitat, these animals can calmly roam as they choose, leading a stress-free life; which results in beautifully tender, delicately marbled grass-fed meat. The animals are never agitated, avoiding muscle tension which affects meat quality.

The free-range lifestyle of our animals is an important factor benefiting today's consumers. In conventional grain-fed systems, animals are packed tightly into confined spaces, leading over time to the accumulation of excess fat. As a result, a range of cuts in the animal are accompanied by significant amounts of fat which require trimming (think tenderloin, ribeye, brisket). In contrast, Pasture Fresh® animals, due to their 100% free range lifestyle, have a more even distribution of fat, increasing meat yields and enhancing the cooking experience of chefs worldwide.

Pasture Fresh's® commitment to raising our animals the free-range way not only guarantees a stress-free animal lifestyle, but also ensures a tender and consistent result. Our animals are always free to roam the farms as they desire, choosing their own feed (grasses such as ryegrass or herbs such as clover) as part of our commitment to animal welfare and sustainable farming for generations to come.

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