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Why is Pasture Fresh® Venison so tender?

1. Farm-raised Venison

Traditionally, venison has been considered a wild meat. However, Pasture Fresh® venison is 100% farm-raised. New Zealand does not export wild venison: its extensive, open pastures, and large quantities of rain make for an ideal place for farm-raised venison.

A key element in the taste and tenderness of Pasture Fresh® venison is that it is farm-raised. This stands in stark contrast to wild venison which is killed for sport, and which consequently has a much stronger flavour and much firmer texture. Pasture Fresh® venison does not have this gamey taste, but presents a more delicate and consistent flavour. The deer are always free and happy to roam without stress, making the meat far more tender.

2. 100% grass fed

Grass feed is very important for Pasture Fresh®. The clean air and atmosphere and constant supply of water allows for the continual growth of rich and green pastures throughout the whole year in the pastoral regions of New Zealand. Our venison can roam freely in spacious pastures, where they can feed on nutritious grass such as brassicas and beets during the winter months.

Wild venison feed on exotic herbs, which give the meat a strong gamey flavour and a tougher texture. In contrast, our venison feed on rich, green grass like brassicas, making the meat more flavoursome and tender. The abundance and expanse of grass and pasture means that our deer enjoy a life free of stress and confinement, promoting greater animal health.

3. Free Range

The Pasture Fresh® venison is free range, which makes for happier and more relaxed animals, who are free to roam the rich green pastures at will. There are generally 2 deer per acre, and sometimes as little as 1 per acre.

Deer are generally skittish animals, which need careful handling and considerable space to feed on the delicious pasture. They are never housed in barns or forced into feedlots for fattening: instead, they are kept outdoors 24/7. This easy and tranquil life leads to a more flavoursome and tender meat.

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