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Value Added Products

Our value added product line can be cooked sous vide, an extremely healthy form of cuisine given it cooks the meat in a sealed bag, preserving its juices and avoiding contact with heat or water.

The value added products can be seasoned and delivered raw, or otherwise cooked here in New Zealand, ready for consumption in restaurants, hotels, and any other place you would like to enjoy meat from an animal that was born, raised, slaughtered, cooked and packed in New Zealand!

Cocción Sous Vide

sous vide

Sous vide is cooking method that has become increasingly popular of recent times. It consists of wrapping food in a sealed bag and immersing it in hot water (usually 60 degrees Celsius) for long periods of time.

The sous vide cooking method maintains the integrity of food, preserving it from direct contact with heat or water (as with traditional cooking methods), and the slow heating process sometimes takes up to 24 hours. Its use has increased greatly in recent times because it is a healthy and very effective way of preserving the taste, vitamins and aroma of food, and it loses very little moisture and weight during the process.

Preparación Sous Vide
  • The food does not lose its juices, as with traditional cooking, but retains and absorbs them when cooked sous vide.

  • The flavor of the meat’s juice, and any added substances such as sauces, penetrate the meat in the cooking process.

  • After sous vide cooking, the meat can be reheated in a controlled manner and served, or frozen and preserved for future defrosting and consumption.

  • The texture of the food remains intact, compared to if cooked in the oven and boiled. Direct contact with heat and boiling water causes the texture of the food to be damaged, whilst cooking sous vide preserved the food in a sealed bag.

  • With sous vide cooking, the meat suffers much less shrinkage than with other cooking methods, resulting in more meat for the same money.

  • Temperatures can be easily regulated and are very stable, producing extremely consistent results.

  • Finally, it is a very healthy and natural way of cooking, preserving many of the original characteristics and nutritional values ​​of food, and also avoiding the use of additives and other substances such as oil.

Sous Vide.jpg

> Both of these fillets were cooked at the same internal temperature of 52 C. 
> The meat on the left was cooked sous vide, and then browned with a blowtorch.
> The meat on the right was cooked in a cast iron skillet. 

Beef Mince 1.jpg

Beef Mince

Lamb Mince.jpg

Lamb Mince

Hamburguesas de C.jpg

Lamb Hamburger Patties

Frenched Rack Lamb Cutlets - 1.jpg

Frenched Rack Lamb Cutlets

Beef Hamburger Patties 1.jpg

Beef Hamburger Patties

Beef Brisket.jpg

Cooked Beef Brisket

Cooked Lamb Shanks in a Sauce - 1.jpg

Cooked Lamb Shanks in a Sauce

Lamb Diced Raw.jpg

Diced Lamb Raw

Portion Controlled Steaks.jpg

Sliced Portion Control Beef Steaks

Cooked Lamb Shoulders Diced in Sauce.jpg

Cooked & Diced Lamb Shoulders in Sauce

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