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Frenched Rack


There are many cuts in a lamb carcass, and it is generally believed that the meat furthest away from the hoofs and the horns is the most tender and tasty. This is why the N° 1 lamb cut is often the frenched rack.

The frenched rack of lamb is an 8-rib cut, frenched, that is, with the fat on the top half of the ribs removed. 

Weight: 511 – 565 grams.

Location of the cut

on the carcass


Typical uses

Frenched Rack 8 Rib Cap On.jpg

The frenched rack of lamb is one of the most classic restaurant cuts, often cut into little cutlets. It is very tender, and can therefore not only be oven-cooked, or stewed, but also cooked on the grill.

This cut serves 2 people.

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