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Pasture Fresh®

New Zealand’s #1 foodservice meat brand, 100% grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free, handpicked for today’s most demanding culinary experts.

Free Range Lamb

100% Grass Fed Angus Beef


Farm Raised Cervena Venison

New Zealand’s most sustainable grass fed lamb

Pasture Fresh® lamb is 100% pasture raised and fed, spends 365 days a year outdoors, is Halal certified, and is growth hormone and antibiotic free.

The natural lifecycle of our animals produces one of the lowest carbon footprints in the meat industry worldwide.


Pasture Fresh® is New Zealand’s highest quality lamb brand

Qualified by our 7 Standards of Classification


A-grade maturity
Under 12 months

Raised free range, to a maximum
density of 12 animals per hectare

Growth hormone,
antibiotic and GMO-free


grass fed

Romney and Perendale
dominant breeds

Certified Halal
(humane slaughter)

Graded by size
and quality


100% Grass Fed Angus Pasture Fresh® Beef

Pasture Fresh® beef is raised on some of New Zealand’s most fertile grasslands.

Handpicked for the most discriminating chefs in foodservice, Pasture Fresh® beef is recognized for its free range, naturally-grazed lifecycle, producing superior quality beef through the dominant Angus breed and an 100% grass-fed system. 

Pasture Fresh® Farm-Raised Venison

At Pasture Fresh®, all of our venison is exclusively farm-raised. We are passionate about raising the finest quality farmed venison globally, backed by the prestigious Cervena® certification.

Distinguished by its milder flavour and tender texture compared to wild venison, Pasture Fresh® venison graces the tables of the world's premier upscale restaurants. Our meticulous processes ensure humane slaughter within 3 years, ensuring consistency of quality and sizing for the most discerning chefs.

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