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Why is Venison so Popular in Europe?

Venison is an extremely popular dish in Europe, not only because of its health benefits and tastiness, but because of its sustainable and environmentally-friendly raising. Berlin-based New Zealand-born chef Shannon Campbell spoke about changing consumer tastes in Germany, where consumers “want to get away from eating that industrial product.” European importers such as Germany, Sweden, and France, as well as the US, can trust New Zealand 100% grass fed meat to have the quality assurance and food safety they are looking for.

Most New Zealand venison in Europe is sold through the restaurant sector, supported by importers and foodservice companies such as the Netherland’s Hanos. Venison competes with exotic and expensive restaurant meats such as European Roe Deer and Bison. However, European supermarkets also offer New Zealand venison alongside other specialties during Autumn and Winter.

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